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Tantric Massage makes you a master lover! It opens up your sensual energy that will heal your body & soul. Release blocks and hurts from your past, and allow healing pleasure back into your life.

About Tantrika Sagarra

Sagarra of Tantric Massage New York loves to approach Tantric Massage as a dance between the body and soul. Her services will open your sexual-energy centers, re-connecting you to your power, and allowing you to completely relax into recover.

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After studying psychology, Sagarra was led to yoga, meditation and met her first Tantra teacher that began her study into the body, mind and emotions.

Sexuality is a powerful gateway to the divine, using pleasure as a source of healing and connection. 

When sexual energy is combined with soulful intention and a playful spirit, we re-connection to our deepest creative vitality and genius.

Tantric sacred sensual pleasure

Receive Tantric healing that balances, relaxes and energizes you.

Get clear on your deepest desires in the bedroom and how that connects to your desires in life. 

Understand the opposite sex so that you can move through patterns that may have kept you stuck in the past. 

Let go of beliefs and blockages that no longer serve you.

This Is a Spiritual & Sensual Tantric Full-Body Massage To Expand Your Pleasure & Increase Sexual Energy

Tantra Services

Tantric Massage is Sagarra's signature offering, combining sacred pleasure practices, & healing bodywork to expand your aliveness & connection to yourself.

Lingam Massage

Tantra for men: Allow Sagarra to teach you powerful Tantric techniques that will address PE or ED, circulate pleasurable energy throughout your body, and supercharge your vitality. Lingam Massage helps heal shame or trauma that lingers in your body, and detoxes low self-esteem and toxic past relationships.

Yoni Massage

Tantra for women: Yoni Massage is a gentle, healing way to support a woman to open her body, release trauma and stuck energy, and re-align her to her divine energy. Tantra is a powerful healing therapy that restores a woman’s calmness of mind, body and soul, activating the sacred spot that contains life force energy, and imprints from the past.

Tantra Training For Singles & Couples

Tantra Couples: Are you ready to make significant improvements to your life both inside and outside of the bedroom? Are you facing a sexual issue that traditional therapy cannot seem to solve? Would you like to learn the sacred ritual of Tantric Massage? Allow Sagarra to provide a safe and nurturing space to learn address vulnerable issues.

Booking Notice Time

Pre-booking is encouraged for all NYC Tantra sessions.

Phone Call

Please be prepared for a 10-20 minute ‘get to know you’ phone call prior to appointment.

Location in New York

Exact location in New York will be provided after booking.

NY Tantra Massage services are for improved sexual energy, individuals and couples bliss.

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It is my joy to dance over your body with Goddess Energy, opening you to new pleasure pathways, and igniting in you a deeper connection to sacred sexual energy.

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Tantric Massage New York

Tantric Massage New York