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Experience Transformative Tantra Therapy with Sagarra

Yoni Massage

Embark on a journey of feminine awakening through our specialized yoni massage. This sacred practice goes beyond enhancing sexual pleasure; it empowers women by releasing emotional and physical blockages, harmonizing mind, body, and spirit. Experience a deeper connection with your body and reclaim your divine feminine power.

Lingam Therapy

For men, our lingam massage sessions are designed to enhance sexual vitality and emotional release. This ancient practice helps you explore your body’s potential, alleviating stress and promoting a profound state of relaxation and bliss.

Tantra Training

Couples and individuals can benefit from our tantra training, which teaches techniques to deepen intimacy, enhance sexual experiences, and strengthen emotional bonds. Learn to harness sexual energy for a more fulfilling and connected relationship.

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Advanced Tantra in The Hamptons NY

Discover the profound benefits of Tantra in The Hamptons with Sagarra, a dedicated practitioner offering personalized sessions for men, women, and couples. Whether you’re seeking yoni massage, lingam massage, or comprehensive tantra training, Sagarra’s expertise ensures a holistic approach to your intimate and spiritual well-being.

About Tantrika Sagarra

Sagarra of Tantric Massage New York loves to approach Tantric Massage as a dance between the body and soul. Her services will open your sexual-energy centers, re-connecting you to your power, and allowing you to completely relax into recover.

Welcome to Temple sessions

Sagarra’s unique blend of expertise, compassion, and intuitive guidance makes her an exceptional teacher. She creates a sacred space where you can feel comfortable and supported as you embark on your tantric journey. Her goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills to enhance your life, both inside and outside the bedroom.